More and more people are pre-planning funerals and making pre-arrangements with their local funeral director. A carefully pre-planned ceremony can be comforting to your family, as it spares them from having to face decisions that can be both emotionally and financially difficult at the time of death. It also provides them with the peace of mind to know that they have acted according to your wishes.

Making pre-arrangements can be as involved or as simple as you wish them to be. You can make a selection of the type of service, casket, music, and any additional requests you may have or you can simply give only the biographical information that will be needed for notification of newspapers, legal forms, etc.

Another reason to preplan is to ensure that your family will receive all of the benefits for which they are entitled. It is important that all of your personal records, including bank account numbers, investment information, insurance policies and the location of important papers be accessible to your family in the event of a death. All of this and your personal wishes for your funeral can be recorded in a Personal Arrangement Guide booklet that we provide free of charge.

Although not required when making pre-arrangements, most people choose to set aside funds that will cover their future funeral expenses. We also offer a variety of pre-payment programs. Pre-paying these expenses allows you to control cost, avoid emotional overspending, and guarantees today's pricing.

Once your pre-arrangements are made and on file, when the time of need arises, a call to our funeral home will enable our firm to proceed with what you have planned. We can meet with you at your home or at our funeral home to explain the various programs and answer any questions.

For further information about pre-planning, or for answers to your questions, simply give us a call @ 812-268-0000, complete the Pre-Planning Form,no cost or obligation.